Ann Coulter is still wrong about Mitt Romney & trashing Reagan again

Ann Coulter sounds more and more desperate every day as she fecklessly whines like a liberal would about Governor Mitt Romney.  This is the same Ann Coulter who has been documented as dating liberals while lying about it on TV.  People like this fail to comprehend the real reasons Obama won because she’s desperate to regain respect by conservatives and independents who rightfully trashed Coulter. Protecting Romney’s reputation isn’t the same thing as someone desperate to prove something that isn’t believable.

Clearly the 47% and the after election rant on poor people isn’t helping.  Even Erick Erickson has come around to finally admit the 47% was damaging.  I saw it on day one as many of us did. I thought EERS was playing politics to avoid hurting our candidate.  So unfortunately the left will trash Romney worse than Governor Sara Palin and the right has even more right to push back to prevent another moderate from being selected.  Or are we going to start taking David Frum seriously from now on, not!  Fox News and talk radio aren’t a damaging as bad candidates are, plus where’s the criticism of MSNBC and lib radio nutjobs???

Backing the wrong candidate when we had better choices whom could have beaten Obama with a stronger conservative backing is proof enough but I have more.  People stayed home or voted for other candidates or ignored the Romney name on the ballot.  I would have supported Jon Huntsman as quick as Santorum, Newt or Rick Perry!  This happens when the establishment and the media choose our candidate. Fyi, dems feared Huntsman, no joke!  Romney was Selected not Elected!!!  

Obama won because he defined Romney, destroyed his image, nationalized the election and drew a stark contrast with him. It’s the law of the political jungle – define or be defined. Obama defined Romney in negative terms, but Romney never fully defined Obama or himself.  The candidate has to show his heart, sole and give strong reasons why he can be trusted to run the government.  Obama was weak too but the incumbant has the strength of the office and media will follow potus regardless of party. Bush used the media effectively in 2004.

Obama won because his campaign used the media effectively and used alternative media online and they were fast to respond to Romney criticisms while Romney ignored many accusations by Obama and Team Hate!  A good ground game goes a long way towards defeating a weak moderate who flip flops so often that his campaign chose to ignore the media who had a field day criticizing him relentlessly.  If you fail to counter attack then you look guilty in the eyes of some voters. As well, anyone who is called out for sending jobs overseas and is ball less to call out Obama for outsourcing jobs is not going to win over the undecided.

Social conservative issues, where was Romney? We still don’t know but he never really sold himself to tough critics and his speeches lacked substance while campaigning in most states. First debate Mitt came on strong, then where did he go in debate 2 and 3, he let Obama dominate on key issues.  You can’t sway voters who know only what the media feed them.

We need more conservatives pursuing media careers and we should point out that the MSM are violating the EEOC rights of conservatives.  There are too many liberals in media companies who dominate the jobs while denying legitimate jobs to people on the right.  As well, we must start verbally attacking the media as corruptocrats and hit them on their own sites and denigrate them amongst our family and friends from time to time.  Until we attack them, they will never respect conservative values nor will our candidates have an equal chance.  We have many strong leaders whom they cannot abuse like Mitt Romney but we must also face the fact the blame also resides in the candidate and the establishment types who bullied Romney through.   We can’t allow them to Select the next nominee!!!

Small minds chose Romney while ignoring viable alternatives, the votes per state were the result of money influencing the vote while attacking other candidates who were more conservative and attractive to many voters.  Romney lied his way to the nomination and was called out for lying in presidential debates.  Sure both sides lie but anyone who trashes his GOP opponents is going to lose when they flat out lie in presidential debates and its because Romney has no core conservative values other than the ones that faded as fast as you can shake an Etch a Sketch!!!

Ann Coulter sounds and reads as dumb even though she’s not.  Coulter has spent nearly 2 weeks trashing President Reagan as if the 2 men compare. Reagan wasn’t perfect but clearly our late president could recite conservative values and he won the hearts and minds of Americans twice!!!  Leave Reagan out of it ANN not just because he won but because you only sound as weak as a Massachusetts Moderate.  Yes I still see her as just an angry moderate.  Will Coulter ever learn?


Small minds always leap to the answers given the last time around, which is probably why Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected. But the last time is not necessarily the same as this time. A terrorist attack is not the same as the Cold War, a war in Afghanistan is not the same as a war in Iraq, and Mitt Romney is not the same as John McCain or Bob Dole.

Having vanquished liberal Republicans, the party’s problem now runs more along the lines of moron showoffs, trying to impress tea partiers like Jenny Beth Martin by taking insane positions on rape exceptions for abortion — as 2 million babies are killed every year from pregnancies having nothing to do with rape.

Romney lost because he was running against an incumbent, was beaten up during a long and vicious primary fight, and ran in a year with a very different electorate from 1980. At least one of those won’t be true next time. But we’re not going to win any elections by telling ourselves fairy tales about a candidate who lost because he wasn’t conservative enough, articulate enough or mean enough.