OWS Congressional Dem candidates defeated, one is Anti-Semitic


Occupy Wallstreet extremists infested the ballots in at least 2 districts and lost which is no surprise considering the damage they’ve done to the country.  Chris Barron is a known quantity for making racist and anti-Semitic rants, click on second link for more details.

The fact any OWS types think the people would side with extremists who terrorized the nation is lunacy at the least.  Even worse MSNBC aka MSDNC still pretend these people are not a problem as do many other corrupt media companies.  Why any company would support such guests is beyond comprehension but it does prove who supports violent types and which media companies will not!  Regardless the 2 OWS candidates can return to the streets and never have to take a bath again.



George Martinez, the “hip-hop diplomat” and Occupy Wall Street protester running in Brooklyn’s new 7th congressional district, got crushed last night as 20-year House veteran Nydia Velazquez coasted to victory. Only City Councilman Erik Dilan even got close, collecting 31 percent of the vote to Velazquez’s 58 in the Democratic primary. But despite earning just 752 votes — less than 3 percent — Martinez is proud of his brief campaign. “Relative to the current reality of the political system, I was not entirely surprised,” he told Daily Intel today. “We raised less than one percent of what the winner had and got 3 percent of the vote in about two months. That’s something spectacular.”


Charles Barron trounced in NYC Democratic Congressional primary, demands recount

Charles Barron isn’t taking the loss well.  He lost badly to Hakeem Jeffries in the 8th district Congressional  Democratic primary race, which is primarily Brooklyn.  Jeffries, who was endorsed by party leaders, got 71.9 percent of the vote. Barron, endorsed by the unions and outgoing Congress member Ed Towns, received 28.1 percent of the vote, which translated to about 10,000 votes.

But also included in the mix was Barron’s long history of making incendiary remarks, everything from calling Thomas Jefferson a pedophile to making remarks about Jews and gay people, as well as supporting dictators.  He has spoken of wanting revolution and fighting capitalism, noting that he does not want Obama to do anything to fix the economy, since that would only prolong capitalism. He has called Israel a “terrorist state”, and been endorsed by David Duke. He supported OWS including an action to take a man’s home, that was characterized as “taking a home back from the banks”.

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