Jimmy Carter: Democrats Should Abandon Pro-Abortion Position


Wow!   President Carter is Pro-Life and all this time I assumed he ran with the pac.  Carter is right, nothing turns voters away more than abortion ranting liberals who become too emotional making people very uncomfortable.

Obama planned to use abortion ads this fall, Carter just gave us a fresh video with the face of life over the pro abortion Obamabots.  Let him run ads then we take a clip or two and add the Carter video showing a compassionate democrat whose party has chosen death over life.   Republicans can regain women vote support using one president against an unpopular one.




Appearing on the radio talk show of conservative radio host Laura Ingraham today, former President Jimmy Carter said he believes the Democratic Party should moderate its position on abortion, which it currently supports without limits and funded at taxpayer expense.

“I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions and that was one of the problems I had when I was president having to uphold Roe v. Wade and I did everything I could to minimize the need for abortions. I made it easy to adopt children for instance who were unwanted and also initiated the program called Women and Infant Children or WIC program that’s still in existence now. But except for the times when a mother’s life is in danger or when a pregnancy is caused by rape or incest I would certainly not or never have approved of any abortions.”

“I’ve signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest. I think if the Democratic Party would adopt that policy that would be acceptable to a lot of people who are now estranged from our party because of the abortion issue.”