Why a Moderate can't beat Obama the "moderate"


Why A Moderate Cannot Beat Obama

Can we just get real here? Are we destined to repeat history? Has everyone forgotten the 2008 Presidential election?? Obama has already beat a moderate in 2008, in McCain. A moderate CANNOT beat Obama, why? Because Obama is clever enough to be “moderate” on enough issues to carry the moderate vote away from another moderate candidate. The fact that Obama just so happens to be the incumbent does not hurt either.  A trick only a far lefty with radical mad skills can pull off.

These people who argue that Romney is the most “electable” are walking around in a state of amnesia with blinders. Trying to snag that 20% moderate/independent voter is like trying to nail jello to a tree. The only one who can beat Obama is a true conservative with leadership and governing capabilities, why, because the moderate/independent voter can and will vote republican depending upon the candidate/issue. Don’t you know that many Democrats voted for Reagan?

Destroying the Republican base by moving towards the middle like Romney has done is suicide, why, because when the general election rolls around, the conservatives will bail (just like in 2008), and Obama will win just like in 2008. Now give me one good reason the Republican party should nominate a moderate after what we have seen happen in the past? The object of the game is to beat Obama, not have warm fuzzy feelings about a man who is doomed to fail.

Now that a report has come out stating that 38% of American voters consider themselves “Independents,” the Republican Party had better take notice and open their eyes.  The Republican party and some conservative media markets are attempting to brain wash voters into believing that Romney is “the most electable candidate,” against Obama in the general election; think again.

It is the responsibility of the Republican Party to nominate a strong  alternative candidate to President Obama if they intend to beat Obama in the general election.  While most Americans are aware of the damage that Obama has done to our rights, out constitution and economic future, the Republican party somehow does not see the dire straights our nation is in.  The Republican party does not accept the fact that the American people want to vote for a candidate they feel can quickly and substantially change the direction of our country NOW.  The American voter does not want to vote for a candidate that sounds like Obama, nor does their “on the job training” while in the White House at the nation’s expense.

Presently we have a conservative base and tea party voters who do not want to vote for another moderate (2008 McCain), we have dissatisfied Democrats who do not want to vote for Obama again, and now we have a block of 38% of American voters stating they are independents.  This nation is clearly dissatisfied with what is going on in Washington and are sincerely hoping that the Republican party will nominate a candidate that they can rally around to beat Obama and who will take this country in a very different direction.  Who is that candidate?  Does the Republican party think that Romney can get enough of the conservative vote, democratic vote, and independent vote to beat Obama in the general election, really?

Reagan beat Carter because of the very same formula just described.  He was able to garner conservative, democrat and independent voters to beat Carter.  Why, because he offered a clear distinct alternative to the Carter administration.  The Republican party must offer a candidate that represents a clear distinct alternative to the Obama administration.  If the Republican party does not accept their responsibility seriously, the above referenced voters will have no alternative candidate to vote for and may very well sit out the general election.

What the Republican party fails to realize once again is the fact that although Americans are starkly aware of the need to remove Obama, they are far more starkly aware that no one is listening to them, and that is where the REAL anger lies.  If the Republican party really thinks that the nation is  going to rally around Romney just to beat Obama, they have another thing coming.  Playing that “we have to beat Obama” card is not going to fly with voters in this general election.  Voters are looking past the nomination process, past the general election, and to the end result.  Remember, many voters do not follow politics as closely as you or I.

The $64,000 question with American voters is the same.  Can the Republican party offer a nominee who can significantly improve the economic situation now?  Can the Republican party offer candidates that have a proven plan and track record for balancing the budget?  Can the Republican party offer  candidates that have a proven plan and track record for creating jobs quickly?  If the Republican party cannot nominate a candidate that has a strong grasp and ability to accomplish these tasks, the conservatives, dissatisfied Obama supporters, and new independent voters will not have an alternative candidate to vote for and will sit out the general election, regardless of the consequences.  One way or another the American people will make their voice heard, and have their demands met, with or without the help of the Republican party.  And that my fellow Americans is what is called government by the people and for the people.  Not the Establishment’s way!  Former RNC Chairman Micheal Steele gave us fairer elections that are not closed out fast by establishment types in smoke filled rooms who don’t care what “we the people” think.

Santorum/ Gingrich 2012 will unite the party!!!  Offer Ron Paul a good job working for the president closes the gap and on we go to Super Tuesday.

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