Romney promise to NARAL Pro-Choice Abortion activists

Mitt Romney was proud to attend the  September 2002 meeting with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Romney promised the ghouls in attendance that they would have a friend in “Washington” (if they helped him someday get elected president) it becomes difficult to believe Mister Romney when he says he never forced Catholic hospitals to dispense R U 486.   Yes he forced abortion on good people who deserved better!!!

On December 8, 2005 as governor of Massachusetts Willard Mitt Romney announced that private hospitals including those run by the Catholic Church would be forced by the power of the State of Massachusetts to offer emergency contraception to sexual assault victims without regard for the moral convictions of the hospital’s administration.

What made this still worse was that right up until his flip flop on this issue Romney had defended the right of Catholic hospitals to refuse to dispense these RU 486 pills. It came out of the blue.

The cynical explanation for the turnaround was that a Romney lawyer had concluded the recently enacted RomneyCare program (callously signed  the preceding spring during Easter Week) supersedes a preexisting state law that allowed an exemption for Catholic and other faith based conscious driven organizations.

The grounds for Romney’s announcement were undermined by a Massachusetts Department of Public Health statement, made around the same time, which reaffirmed the exemption. It  disagreed saying RomneyCare does not supersede a previous statute protecting the conscious rights of private medical facilities.



Mitt Romney was firm and direct with the abortion rights advocates sitting in his office nine years ago, assuring the group that if elected Massachusetts governor, he would protect the state’s abortion laws.

Then, as the meeting drew to a close, the businessman offered an intriguing suggestion — that he would rise to national prominence in the Republican Party as a victor in a liberal state and could use his influence to soften the GOP’s hard-line opposition to abortion.

He would be a “good voice in the party” for their cause, and his moderation on the issue would be “widely written about,” he said, according to detailed notes taken by an officer of the group, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

“You need someone like me in Washington,” several participants recalled Romney saying that day in September 2002, an apparent reference to his future ambitions.

Romney made similar assurances to activists for gay rights and the environment, according to people familiar with the discussions, both as a candidate for governor and then in the early days of his term.

Any candidate who openly supports baby killers is not electable as a nominee.

Someone said RomneyCare is right wing socialism, well yes it is and we the people should be focusing on better choices because Romney is favored by too many liberal media types who sort of supported him as the likely nominee because they know they get a version of healthcare they like and we can’t afford it no more than we can afford to elect a man who openly supported abortion!!!