Transition of Power - What about our "War on Terror?"

A view from the field:

The 2008 Presidential Election will greatly affect the military including its components of the National Guard and Reserve units, as well as the Global War on Terror. Factors that can be influenced by Obama’s decisions include less deployments and funding. Global War on Terror is not based in one particular location or with one specific group. Another uncertainty lies on how it will affect the bordering countries, occupied countries, and allied countries.

Comments that Obama has made in previous speeches suggest that he is unwilling to work with military commanders solely because he is the Commander in Chief. It is uncertain how Obama’s staff will work with military relations in ending the war in Iraq. Obama proposes that he will refocus “resources on al Qaeda in Afghanistan and finish the fight with the terrorists who attached us on 9/11.” However, in another claim, Obama will “give his Secretary of Defense and military commanders a new mission in Iraq: successfully ending the war. The removal of our troops will responsible and phased.”

In Obama’s most recent comments, he clearly states his proposal to shift the war to Afghanistan. This is exemplified by his comments at a campaign event in Iowa in August: “I’ve said we should be going into Afghanistan, that that’s where bin Laden is, that that’s the central front on terrorism, and that it’s slipping, because we haven’t stay focused on it. We need to send some troops there, not into Iraq.”

This suggests that the troops that are in Iraq will simply be moved to Afghanistan; hence, not ending the war, just moving troops. What is also unknown is how this will affect the military as a whole. Even the affects of the civilians have yet to be determined. Members of the armed forces advise against leaving Iraq and Afghanistan the way U.S. troops left Vietnam. Military leaders along with military personnel are concerned with the unknown actions of the soon-to-be President of the United States and Commander in Chief.