The word needs to get out to the American voters out there so they can examine their consciences before they cast their vote. These are the true issues:

1) CHANGE. Obama offers change, my friends, but McCain offers IMPROVEMENT. CHANGE FOR THE BETTER is what the McCain administration will offer. Because as we all know, CHANGE is not always for the better. We are the most powerful nation on Earth…the most generous…the most humane. With Obama, that will all CHANGE. So Obama is right…he will definitely bring CHANGE. Just be careful what you wish for my friends.

2) MAN OF WORDS vs. MAN OF ACTION. Obama is a MAN OF WORDS, my friends, but McCain is a MAN OF ACTION. Obama is definitely articulate and eloquent in the arena of debate, attributable to his years of practice as a lawyer. And like a lawyer, he is very skillful with words and careful in its selection. Simply put, CHANGE is not promise of improvement. And change will definitely come to America, so much that it becomes unrecognizeable. You must guard this country’s time-honored traditions. Do not allow him to convince you to disregard your moral, Christian values, the very foundation of this country.

3) ECONOMY vs TERRORISM. All the best-touted economic plans in the world do not mean anything when your very survival is threatened by terrorism. Priorities come first. Safety comes first. COUNTRY FIRST.

4) CHARACTER/JUDGMENT. Anyone who would stand by idly while a dying baby fights for its very last breath has to have his character and morals questioned to the harshest extent. While his past affiliations are condemning in itself, nothing beats this. This is evil in its purest form.

5) BUSH DEFENSE. Do not give into and partake in any form of Bush-bashing. Come to the defense of your President. Come to the defense of your Country. Whether you agree with him or not, he is representative of our Country. President Bush did not care about popularity polls. He was more concerned about protecting this country, even if it meant bearing the brunt of criticism. And he obtained the ultimate goal of his presidency: preventing another terrorist attack on America. That, my friends, is the ultimate form of admiration.

While the following may lead to controversy, it is necessary to jolt the American people back to their senses:

6) ANTI-LIFE/ANTI-CHRIST. Please do not let the word scare you. It is just plain and simple. Christ is symbolic with LIFE. His birth…even his DEATH was all about LIFE. To be ANTI-LIFE is to be ANTI-CHRIST. Most Americans would not want to risk voting for the anti-Christ. While it may be difficult to picture Obama as the anti-Christ, he may not necessarily realize that he’s become the instrument of the devil.

7) OBAMA PHENOMENA. It is almost prophetic how this unknown figure came out of nowhere and immediately gained worldwide popularity. As if some unknown, supernatural force were driving this phenomena. People could not even explain their attraction. But fortunately for Christian Americans like you and I, who are clothed in Christ’s light, we are immune to this form of influence.

8) ULTIMATE IN HOMEGROWN TERRORISM. What better way for terrorists to infiltrate America than to install one of their own into our presidency to ensure our self-destruction. Obama was primed, preened and groomed to fill this role from the time he was a young boy. Too far-fetched? Who could have predicted Obama’s popularity 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago? Do not underestimate the cunningness and patience of a terrorist.

To you, friends of McCain and friends of God, I say:

HAVE FAITH, HAVE STRENGTH, and HAVE COMFORT in knowing you are representing God’s Will.