Obama presidency is dangerous for United States

At this point there is only one way McCain can win this election: convincing the American electorate that an Obama presidency is dangerous to the United States. Here are my arguments:

  • We are involved in two wars, Obama’s position and lack of judgment on this crucial issue will make us lose at least one of these wars and instigate civil war in Pakistan.
  • We are slipping into a true recession with the possibility of getting into a depression. BHO’s tax and economic policies will take us back the era of Jimmy Carter of high inflation with no economic growth and insane taxation.
  • Supreme Court, imagine what kind of judges BHO will appoint given his current and former associations: Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, just to name a few. What will this do to our Constitution and Bill of Rights?
  • Constitution and Bill of Rights: Obama and his campaign are already trumping our first amendment rights, see their continuous attack against media organizations that dare to run ads critical to his candidacy. Not to mention Barack’s record on voting 100% against our second amendment rights, regardless of what he says today. Imagine what are they going to do once he is in the office.
  • Cult of Personality, have you seen the video with the children singing praise to Obama? Are these kids and their parents brainwashed? This video is very much alike with the programs that were dominating the only TV channel in Romania in the ’80s. Just replace Obama with Ceausescu and you got the picture. It appears that 48% of people registered to vote are all brainwashed and drinking the kool-aid. What is happening with this country?

Isn’t this enough to vote against Barack Obama? There is only one alternative: John McCain!