Voter Registration Drive from "Students for Obama"

Being a professor, I guess I wound up on some mailing list. Thought I’d share it, and ask if McCain is doing anything like this? It seems like they are covering their legal bases with partisan messages in class, but I doubt that will be hidden if some of my colleagues follow though.

Not sure how to quote/indent, so I’ll just copy/paste.

“Dear Professor:

My name is [REDACTED], and I’m the deputy youth vote director for the Obama campaign in Michigan. I’m sending this email to ask you, as a professor, to assist students who wish to vote in this year’s election to become registered by October 6.

Registration isn’t complicated, but it can seem that way to a busy student. We’re trying to make the process easy and convenient–and non-partisan.

Because the voter registration deadline (Oct. 6) is so soon, we would appreciate speaking to your class as soon as possible. The information on what will be said in your class is below.


(1) Email me to confirm at [email protected](2) Include in your email when your class meets. A volunteer will schedule to come to the class. This person can answer any questions that students may have. The entire process takes just five minutes.(3) Afterward, the voter registration forms will be delivered promptly to the clerk’s office by the volunteer.

The non-partisan message presented in class goes like this:

My name is [volunteer’s name] and I am working to help get all students registered to vote, regardless of their political affiliations. If you have moved since you last registered to vote, or would like to register to vote for your first time, please take a form and fill it out. It takes just one minute to register. I will be here to answer any questions that you may have. Thanks!

Please note what will NOT happen in your classroom:

(1) There will be no mention of any candidate.(2) There will be no partisan message.(3) There will be no literature passed out mentioning any campaign.

If you have any questions or hesitation, I would be happy to respond. Please email me at”