Today is the day

Two hundred and thirty six years ago today, American patriots stood up for their freedom at the Boston Tea Party. This year alone, millions of Americans have been inspired by their example to take action in their communities to change the direction of our country.

Today, that spirit returns to Northwestern Wisconsin as we launch a one-day blitz to build momentum for our campaign for new leadership to replace Dave Obey.

Please go to StrikeaBlowforFreedom.com and contribute what you can to our moneybomb to retire Dave Obey. Even if it’s just $12.16, or $20, every bit counts and shows that people power beats the power of the chairman of the Appropriations Committee.

I also look forward to calling 5 people who donate today to thank them personally.

If you’ve already given today — thank you! Can you please forward this email to 10 of your friends and ask them to join us?

We are going to win next year because we’ll offer a strong new direction, with the power of all the people tired of the spending and waste from Washington.