Nationwide Moneybomb to Retire Dave Obey on Wednesday

On December 16, 1773, a group of Americans who had had enough of a government that didn’t represent them gathered at Boston Harbor and lit the fuse of the Revolution.

Today, these patriots are the inspiration for millions of Americans fighting for their freedom.  The modern Tea Party movement was ignited by the failed $787 billion stimulus package.  The author of that stimulus bill was Dave Obey, the chairman of Appropriations and a member of Congress for 40 years too long.

I am running to permanently retire Dave Obey and end his reign as the king of the spending machine, but I can’t do it alone. This Wednesday, the 236th anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party, I’m asking as many Americans as possible to join me in sending a message to the father of the failed stimulus by contributing whatever they can to retire him in a nationwide moneybomb at StrikeaBlowforFreedom.comCan you help us?

What began with the stimulus bill is fast turning into a nationwide revolt against the arrogance and reckless spending of Washington, D.C.  Here in Wisconsin’s 7th district, we are poised to make history in a swing district closely divided between Democrats and Republicans, against Dave Obey — the one who started it all.

With a serious challenger for the first time in his long career, Dave Obey is acting nervous.  Lately, he’s made news by lashing out at the White House for the phony jobs numbers reported in fake Congressional districts on Recovery.gov.

But here’s what Obey isn’t telling you.

In an interview last February, Obey was asked about this lack of accountability and oversight in his stimulus bill. Here was his response:

“So what? This is an emergency. We’ve got to simply find a way to get this done as fast as possible and as well as possible, and that’s what we’re doing.”

That doesn’t mean Congress will be responsible if the money is spent badly, he says.

“The person who spends the money badly will be responsible. We are simply trying to build as many protections in as possible,” Obey says. “We have more oversight built into this package than any package in the history of man. If money is spent badly, we want to know about it so we can hold accountable the people who made that choice. And guess what? Regardless of what we do, there will be some stupid decisions made.”

Dave Obey is right about one thing: Stupid decisions have been made. And it’s time Obey was held accountable as the father of the failed stimulus.

And now we’re talking about even more spending to get us out of the hole Obey got us into.

Over the weekend, Congress approved another $1.1 trillion “omnibus” spending bill packed with over 5,000 earmarks, coupled with a debt ceiling increase of an unprecedented $1.8 trillion. Once again, that omnibus bill was shepherded through the House by none other than Dave Obey.

And underscoring the failure of Obey’s original stimulus as unemployment hovers at 10%, the Administration is talking about raiding bailout money for another stimulus bill.

It’s time for the madness to end.

Two hundred and thirty six years ago Wednesday, American patriots said “Enough is enough.”

This Wednesday — and each of the 321 days left from then until Election Day 2010 — is our chance to reclaim the country we love from the avalanche of spending and debt being piled up by Dave Obey and Nancy Pelosi.

As someone who’s mounting a serious challenge to one of the most powerful members of Congress, it’s safe to say I won’t be seeing much support from the folks in Washington who benefit from all this new spending. That means that I need to rely on everyday American patriots to fuel our campaign.

Our strength will be in the number of people we can get to make a stand to retire Dave Obey. I’d rather have 5,000 people standing with me than Washington PACs who can write $5,000 checks. Wherever you are, surely retiring the king of Appropriations is worth $12.16 in honor of the patriots who started a Revolution?

Let’s go. Thank you, and God bless.