It is Time to Make a Difference in Alaska

RedState would like to thank Lt. Governor Parnell for stopping by. You can contribute to his campaign here. — Erick

A congressman should represent all of his constituents, not just those who vote for him. In 2006, voters elected the Palin-Parnell Administration because they wanted to make a difference in how they are represented at the state level, to usher in a new political era where people matter. Now, Alaskans have an opportunity to make a difference in Washington with our seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As a State Senator, I fought to curb government spending to balance the budget instead of increasing the burden on individual taxpayers. As Alaska’s Representative, I will support a return to the principles of limited government, principles upon which our country was founded. Alaska can achieve, with respect and dignity, our fair share to provide for our nation’s defense and to maintain our infrastructure.

Alaskans know all too well how a weak economy damages communities and how a strong economy helps strengthen families and their role in society. Responsible resource development in our state improves the quality of life even as it lessens our nation’s dependence on foreign energy. Particularly important for Alaskans is our right to develop our resources to create a legacy economy—one that will endure for generations.

I’ve pledged to the people of our state that, together, we will restore public trust that has been compromised by scandal and wasteful spending. Every Alaskan deserves a stronger, more secure future with a congressman who practices transparency and who can work closely with Governor Palin and our state administration toward a future of hope and opportunity for all.