WI-8: Gard in Great Position to Topple Kagen

A Public Opinion Strategies poll declares the WI-08 Congressional race between John Gard and Rep. Steve Kagen a statistical dead-heat. Kagen leads Gard 46%-42% with a 4.9% margin-of-error. Pollster Gene Ulm [PDF] pointed out a few interesting tidbits from the numbers:

  • Undecided voters are “pre-disposted to vote against Kagen.”
  • Sen. John McCain leads Sen. Barack Obama in the district 46%-41%.
  • Gard has great name recognition before running ads.

This is great news for Gard on top of his second quarter fundraising advantage over Kagen. Gard will be able to raise plenty of money to be competitive, he has the name recognition, and he’s running in a district sympathetic to McCain and Republicans. This is a race the GOP can and should win. Even if you’re no where near Wisconsin you can help out his campaign by signing up for his e-mail list and donate to Gard’s campaign. Nationalizing this race will give Gard a much better chance to retake this normally-Republican Congressional seat.