The Price of the Presidency

A Pastor Friend recently documented the laughable ease with which he donated to the Obama campaign from South Africa using a false name. He rightly asked “Where is the Outrage?” Where indeed, more to point “where is the prosecution for this and the host of other obvious acts of fraud that have been and continue to be blatantly used to help elect Obama?” Well, the answer to that one is “Don’t hold your breath.”

What we are seeing now, and what I fear we will see even more in the future are the culmination of two factors one major and one minor.

First, as a society we have been disconnected from the word of God and adrift for so long that we have reached the point where good and evil are no longer seen as absolutes but are either expressions of preference or defined in terms of how they allow you to advance an agenda that will deliver your preferences. Therefore, lying, cheating, stealing, fraud etc. are not inherently evil if they work to bring about your “greater good.” In these cases of rampant fraud, the greater good is the election of Obama and realization of a broader agenda. Lying is now literally so common place, I’ve found that most worldlings actually expect everyone they work with, live with, learn from, or govern them to lie whenever it is expedient. Lying is simply something you do whenever you feel it is necessary to achieve your greater “good”, which is defined as the realization of your preferences. Societally, we appear to have reached the awful place where “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) And our government and governors, being true representatives of the people are no longer paragons, but just as corrupt as the people they govern, if not more so.

Second, the civil and federal government at all levels (with the exception of most of the military) is now a political body. I worked for the Federal government in D.C. for four years, and in my time there I found that federal employees were overwhelmingly Democrat in their party affiliation, and explicitly socialist in their philosophy. If someone found out you were a conservative, it made your life very difficult to say the least. That has only gotten worse since the time I was working there, and friends in D.C. tell me the scariest change is the feeling that the sleeping giant has awoken to its power. In other words, civil servants have realized the enormous power they wield, and that they can use that power to achieve their political ends, and that there is no reason they shouldn’t. They will therefore not allow power to be utilized in opposing friends and preferred agendas, but as Joe the Plumber found out, will do all they can to destroy enemies and opposing agendas.

So while you and I may be shocked at the open flaunting of rules and laws, what we are seeing is the natural result of removing the moral law and the Word of God from a country. Unless it is returned all we will see is endless downward spiral of tyranny and corruption. Civil laws alone cannot and will not fix this just as they didn’t and couldn’t repair the Roman government. Also, I’d say brace yourself, because when it comes to flagrant abuses, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Our essential problem is moral and spiritual, not political, and therefore government isn’t going to be able to fix it.

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