"Liberal Katie Couric (D)"

A Great NRO Article from Victor David Hansen obliquely points out what should be painfully obvious to everyone at this point, the MSM was actually part of the Obama campaign and as a result neither Obama’s inexperience or Biden’s incompetence received even the slightest attention from the media. Instead we had to watch as the media set out to demonize and destroy housewives and plumbers in a manner that would have been to shameful for even the most craven of playground bullies. The party that ran an ACORN organizer for the White House and a comedian for the Senate was given a pass, while a candidate with actual executive experience was treated like she’d spent the last decade in special ed classes. It was, as many have put it, the year journalism (finally) died. The greater question though is WILL THE REPUBLICANS FINALLY LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE?

Will this be what finally alerts them to the fact that the MSM will never again be of any more use to them than Pravda was to Reagan? And will they do something as a result? Republicans have to get over their desperate desire for the approval of the MSM and realize that the MSM will only ever love its own.

I’d suggest starting to refer to the MSM in print as, for instance, liberal Katie Couric (D) and when Katie and co object respond by pointing out that they have no problems pinning the title Conservative, Ultra-Conservative or “Right Wing” on anyone even vaguely further right then their socialist cronies and always attach the party label (R) as though it were a movie rating designed to scare away families who care about their children while by constrast simply listing Barney Frank as Barney Frank. Ask what party Katie or Whoopie, or Charlie is affiliated with in an interview. It’s high time they were played by their own rules.

Any other suggestions?

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