Are We About to Elect a Man Indonesia Considered A Muslim and A Naturalized Citizen?

Obama became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia when his mother married an Indonesian man and moved to that country. Obama was also legally listed as Muslim and given the name of his adoptive father – Soetero. Under Sharia law, when a Muslim man marries a woman her children become Muslim too, this is also the case when he adopts a child, both of which are true in Obama’s (or Soetero if you go by his adoptive name) case. The Sharia rule is the law of the land in Indonesia and has landed many a Christian whose parents have remarried in a difficult position, because Sharia, and Indonesia, forbid conversion from Islam to any other religion. Regardless, Obama’s claim to always have been a Christian is highly suspect. Most Christian denoms consider baptism to be the outward sign of one’s affiliation with Christ, and I’ve yet to hear of any evidence Barry Soetero was ever baptized.Now personally, I don’t believe Obama has ever by his own personal conviction truly practiced any religion other than his 20 year marriage of convenience to Black liberation theology, which is simply an extension of Marxism and Racism with a thin Christian veneer.

However, what is clear is that Barry Soetero was considered Muslim according to Sharia and the laws of a Muslim nation. Also Indonesia considered him to be a naturalized Indonesian citizen (not a dual citizen) and Obama never went through the repatriation process when he reentered the USA.

If Obama had been a Republican, the above facts would have created an endless media firestorm and would already have disqualified him from becoming president of the USA. Because our media is effectively an active part of Obama’s campaign staff, none of this is discussed. I have no doubt they’d cover for Hugo Chavez if he was running for President on the Democratic ticket.

No matter how one spins it, the fact is we are about to elect a man Indonesia considers both a citizen and a Muslim to the highest office in the USA. Both of those facts bother me less than the fact that we are also about to elect an unvarnished Marxist who never saw an infant whose life was worth protecting.

Then again, the USA needed 4 years of Carter in order to elect Reagan.

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