As Matt Drudge put it... B O R I N G

Ok John, after several hours, I’m still trying to figure out what you’re doing. Two debates down and you still haven’t even made the basic point that the Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac crisis was crafted ENTIRELY by Democrats (points for at least mentioning that Obama got contributions from them) or that they were the ones fighting regulation tooth and nail . You haven’t mentioned names like Dodd or Frank (or his made-out-like-a-bandit boyfriend), you haven’t pointed out that your opponent is an old-school Marxist whose cadre of friends and advisers has it’s own rogues gallery of crooks, terrorists, and criminals. You haven’t used words like infanticide or gun confiscation or quoted Obama to that effect. Where is the mention of Ruth Bader Ginsberg Style Supreme Court choices? Where is the leadership on moral issues? You haven’t even touched the social issues that strike a cord across racial and class lines. Talk about the radical gay agenda of your opponents allies, for heavens sake! You have one of the most vulnerable opponents in history, and yet you are giving him pass on almost every issue.

Additionally, you’ve kept your most potent weapon, Sarah Palin, in check. In short, you are acting like you are many, many, points ahead in the polls, and just need to play out the clock, when in fact you are actually behind.

Now, I could understand this “don’t take chances” kind of approach if you figured that in mid-November you’d be resuming your role as “Mr. Maverick,” reaching across the aisle, resuming cordial relations with the MSM by beating up on your own party. Hey, then we would want everyone to say “Oh what a nice campaign you ran Senator. Why it was almost like watching Bob Dole all over again!”

But if you really want to win, my humble advice at this point is to let Palin run the campaign and follow her advice on what you should do in the next debate. Time for some aggressive play on the field Senator McCain, we need the old fighter pilot back. One more snoozer like that and you might as well start writing your concession speech.

But hey, that’s just the way-outside-the-beltway opinion of a disgruntled and decidedly unrefined conservative out here in flyover country. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go bitterly cling to my guns and my religion (‘cuz your opponent wants to do away with both!*)

  • mentioning that sometime wouldn’t hurt at this point.