Pray for Possibly the Most Persecuted Christian Sister in America

I’d encourage Christians to pray for Sarah Palin if not as a politician, then just as a sister in Christ. She clearly entered the fray not knowing how entirely the media and the American left were set on totally destroying her and her family. They have already decided the spin is that she is Dan Quayle Mark II and are clearly going all out to portray her as inexperienced, fanatically religious, and hopelessly stupid. Of course the fact that the top of the Dem ticket is even less experienced, spent 20 years under the preaching of a Marxist racist, and uses a teleprompter even when speaking to crowds at a rodeo is never mentioned. Outside of Zimbabwe, we have the most lopsided Presidential race coverage in the world, and clearly she’s wilting under the heat. Tonight she’ll have questions from Gwen Ifill, whose own peon of praise to Obama is set to be released on the day of his inauguration.

Denominational politics can be rough and evil as well, but in a million years I would never have subjected myself or my family to what Palin is going through. At least most physical acts of murder don’t take 3 months. Pray for her.