John McWho?

Many American Conservatives were highly pleased with the “success” of Rush’s Operation Chaos, the attempt to keep the race between Hillary and Barack going for as long as possible, the theory being that the longer they were able to snipe at one another the less successful they would ultimately be in the general election, and the more time the Republican challenger would have to gain traction. It was my belief at the time that this was a terrible mistake, based on three factors:

  • It wrongly gave the American people the impression that the real race to succeed George Bush was actually between Hillary and Barack and that once that was over, all that was left was the inauguration.
  • ANY Coverage is good coverage; the media feeding frenzy that surrounded the Clinton/Obama runoff was priceless, especially for a virtually unknown candidate like Obama.
  • The Republican candidate has shown that he is singularly incapable of “gaining traction” by himself. He and the Republicans have not yet realized what must be obvious: HE ONLY LOOKS GOOD BY COMPARISON TO THE ALTERNATIVE!

So now, with Operation Chaos over and Hillary finally out of the race, America’s Presidential election has come down to two candidates, Barrack Obama and… uh… that other guy. The grumpy old one.

America’s media have figured out the problem of Obama not looking good by comparison and have decided to nullify it by not giving us anything to compare him to. They’ve also realized that if they cover the Republican candidate for President, even when that coverage is negative, it is after all still coverage, and that any coverage is better than no coverage (see point 2 above). So the new game plan is to not cover the admittedly lackluster candidate at all. Mcwhoever is apparently willing to let them get away with this and one can only speculate that he’s either glad not to be in the spotlight lest his vast skeleton collection be exposed, or still shocked that the same media that fawned over him when he was attacking his own party would dare to betray him when he was running against their dream candidate. So it is no surprise that at a time when Obama is being literally swarmed by reporters on his middle-eastern tour, John Mcwhatsisname arrived in New Hampshire to be greeted by one reporter. One would expect more of a reception for the arrival of a governor.

We can expect the trend to continue, and perhaps even to get worse. I recall listening to an intro to a program on NPR that claimed that what followed would be an investigation into the “faith of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.” At no point however was the faith (or lack thereof) of John McCain ever mentioned by the man being interviewed in the actual program. Republicans were occasionally referred to, but it was solid Barack in terms of actual candidates. What the media is doing is trying to frame the actual election in terms of a vote for or against Obama NOT for Obama or for McCain and have set themselves to persuade the skeptics to do the positive thing and vote for the candidate instead of against him.