The New (Mis)Adventures of Lady & the Trump

I really wish I wrote more during this election than I have. Articles are just mentally taxing, and I’m not anything close to a natural writer. My thoughts amount to short bursts of inspiration that, like a magician’s flash paper, fall apart and fade away not long after their inception. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many ideas I’ve had that are now forever lost to the ether because of both laziness and being otherwise a mentally unsorted person. Ah well, if it was worth the while, I would have come to pursue it like I am doing right now…


By now, one has heard(unless you’re living under a rock) the statements made by Donald Trump, caught 11 years ago by then-Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush, where he is boasting of how he can grab women by the *REDACTED* because he’s a ‘star.’ The condemnatory outrage was sudden and swift, with most high ranking Republican Party officials slamming Trump, and a good number even going as far as to retract previous endorsements of their party’s Presidential nominee. His poll numbers plunged across the board, only recently mitigated somewhat by his steady coalescence of support in the wake of FBI Director James Comey re-opening investigations into Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s usage of private e-mail servers.

After I had first heard these comments and absorbed the barrage of condemnation, many women I’ve known and have liked(not entirely the same exact concept, mind you) sprung into my head. In no particular order, the girl from my favourite North GA area General Store, a girl from Bojangles who once held open a door for me, the girl who guided my most recent college tour(in addition to another who joined in on the tour), Erica from my Fall 2014 semester, Erin Burnett of CNN, Katy Tur of NBC News, and young girls from Athens and Ellijay, GA, who I’ve known in years past, not to mention many others I’ve known and known of in my years. Never would it cross my mind to talk about or to them in that manner, though, in total frankness, other thoughts of certain explicit natures have crossed my mind in a few particular instances from time to time. I try quickly to perish the thoughts as they come.

Eventually, though, my mind drifted back to a young lady I met four years ago this past July, when I was doing testing for my GED. I was just days away from turning 18, and it proved to be a life-changing, foundational experience for me. Her name was Millie, and she was probably the nicest girl(or at least one of the very nicest) I have ever met. Having just come off of a dismal failure of an experience with the fairer sex, it was the most wonderful thing to meet someone as pleasant as she was. In between tests that day and the next, we hung out and made great conversation. Lord knows I was feeling alive…

Ultimately, though, it was not meant to be. Before I had a chance to establish any way for us to keep in touch, her extended family came by out of the blue to pick her up. She thanked me for spending time with her, and that was the last time I ever saw her or spoke to her. “Free Fallin'” was the only song I could think to put on after that, it was just so fitting. I realized then that politics alone was a hollow, empty place(I’ve been blogospheric flotsam for 8 years, now–Over 1/3 of my current lifespan), and made me want to break out of the funk. Never would I want to debase her in the grimy, ugly ways of your average Donald Trump-type. In the years since, according to what I’ve discovered on social media, she has been married, divorced, and in the arms of a cavalcade of young sunshine patriots, or “Boys of Summer,” if you will. She is the basis for my moralistic, oftentimes sanctimonious attitudes towards the things I see in life, whether in person or on the news.



Having mentioned Katy Tur in an earlier paragraph and speaking of the news, it merits more than a mention that Mr. Trump singled her out once again(he’s done so on many previous occasions, classy guy that he is) at a swing state rally Wednesday afternoon. She has now received many death threats, stemming from the fact that she’s doing her job as a reporter. Without getting any more personal than need be, I’ll admit bias right now and say that I have had a massive crush on her for this whole year. That having been said, all this is still quite immeasurably absurd. The network assigned her to cover Trump, just as others are assigned to cover Clinton and, way back in the Primaries, the likes of Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich. It’s her job to give singular coverage to Trump’s doings, and I do not envy her one bit. As she said in her seminal article–article of the year, IMO–in Marie Claire magazine, it has been a draining, tumultuous journey. If for no one else, I’ll be happy for her when it’s all over just five days from now(Clinton will win, and it won’t be that close), and she can finally, at long last, scamper on back to old England town.

The spectre of the death threats, though, is truly and incomprehensibly terrifying. If you care not for her reportage, don’t watch the network. If something wrong were done on her part, the network would surely take due actions–Networks are like that, they look out for their bottom lines(our news isn’t biased one way or another so much as it goes where the money is). Posed this way, how would Trump and his cultists like it if his primal yells incited the wrong person at one of his rallies and that person did something to Trump that…he didn’t like so much? Would they take that one sitting down? Of course, the answer is obvious: There’d be blood and rioting in the streets(the ‘Days of Rage’ would be an afternoon stroll through Piedmont Park by comparison), even though they probably wouldn’t lift finger #1 if the exact same thing happened to our President(a lot of them have probably especially wished upon a star for the latter, judging from social networking feeds). I am extremely tense and worried these days for her safety and well being.



I worry for the country when we get to a point of just accepting this kind of human debasement and degradation as some sort of a ‘new normal.’ As comedio-political HBO host John Oliver has been saying of late, “If you look up, you can see rock bottom.” From one weekly airing to the next, as it is noted, things go from worse to far worse to the point of us crashing “through the core of the earth, and we’ve come bursting out the other side…hurtling toward outer space.” One hopes that this election signifies our lowest point for a long time, but that may be too much for which to hope. If you think the average Trump supporter is coarse and vulgar in mouth and mind, just you wait until their children grow up. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of America is upon us!

Concluding this article, I want to draw a contrast between the two major parties’ bulwarks and standard bearers. I believe that the policies as pursued by President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary Clinton have been and would be damaging to our country, but not damage of the sort from which one can’t re-build. Donald Trump is another matter. He threatens our way of life. He threatens our lives. All of our lives. All around the world. Vote accordingly.