NOVEL Idea--NBC Nightly News with Donald Trump?

With brickbats flying at Brian Williams over numerous allegations of his over-blowing stories on late night television, the time has come to consider a replacement for him in the event that he permanently steps down from the nightly news(as of this afternoon, he has temporarily stepped down). NBC News has a barn stable of talent who would be clamouring for such an opening as this one, but here’s a question to ponder: Have any of these reporters really proven themselves to be anchor-material? Savannah Guthrie is nice to look at and she did all right interviewing the President, but I don’t think she’s ready for the big leagues. Matt Lauer is seen as too much of a cable news bad boy to be seriously considered for the Nightly News. Al Roker? Hoda Kotb? Please. Here’s a novel idea: How about taking the host of one of the highest rated shows and one of the most visible faces on and of your network and put him in the anchor slot? He’s a man who has a long history of showing fairness and balance in handling people, which would translate well in reporting the news and lending credibility to your network. Who is this man, you ask?

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump, Sr., host of NBC’s “The Apprentice” and perhaps the ideal candidate for anchor of the NBC Nightly News?

Someone who has made the news for over a quarter-century really should be given a chance to report on it, especially a man of such journalistic and otherwise integrity as Mr. Trump. In his hosting duties on “The Apprentice,” he has shown the ability to be fair and balanced in his decision making(Fox News could learn a thing or two from The Donald). He has had to deal with many of the big names from Hollywood and television on his show and in person(professionally & personally), which gives him a background in the entertainment side of things. His business dealings outside the network give him an edge over most others in domestic and world affairs(political and non). NBC could also use a man who bursts with personality and connects with the people(a quality lacking since Tom Brokaw exited stage left in December, 2004), and Donald Trump is nothing if not bursting with personality and richly and uniquely able to connect with the average American. Since he doesn’t need the money(he can more than handle the pay cut), NBC News executives need to be prepared to give him anything he wants, even if it involves laying brick or doing roof work at one of his many mansions, hotels, and/or casinos.

If hired, transitioned, or whatnot, the Trump era at NBC Nightly News would be one for the history books for the way it re-defined the modern newscast and simultaneously the modern Presidential campaign & debate. He would be the first man to both run for President and host a major nightly network news program. In such a position, he could prosecute his Primary and his General Election case to the American people via newscast. He would not have to go down in the trenches and actually stump and greet people who may or may not actually end up voting for him, and he would be able to reach more people in that medium. He could interview the other candidates for President on any given night’s airing. He could moderate the debates featuring the other candidates for President and grill them on their positions, consistent and /or evolved. No candidate could duck either an interview or a debate with him, lest they look as though they were hiding something. He could also, after the inevitably smashing electoral success, continue to anchor the Nightly News out of his executive residence in either the White House or, in the likelier scenario, out of Trump Tower in Downtown Manhattan, New York City, and, in doing so, pitch his legislative and executive goals to the public and give his critics a blasting the likes of which are unseen in the modern era of politics. The ratings would be HUGE!

Here’s hoping that NBC is serious enough in their pursuit of new talent in the as of now prospective post-Williams era to take my idea into serious consideration…