The Lonesome Road: Why Lying is a Recipe For Disaster

In today’s society more than ever before, people are putting getting ahead of the pack above all else, including honesty. People will even go so far as to lie in order to get ahead. I believe there is much more to be gained through honesty instead of through deceit.

Cheating on tests has become commonplace in our schools these days. Some kids believe that it is fine to cheat and pad their grade average because it will help them achieve their desired goal of getting ahead or perhaps of merely just staying on par with everyone else. This, I believe, hurts them in the long run because they are not really learning what they are supposed to be learning. Instead, they are simply setting themselves up for a precipitous fall. By being honest, they may neither do well nor get ahead immediately, but they may just learn something in the process.

The padding of resumes when applying for a job is also a fairly commonplace occurrence. People think that by padding their resume they are more likely to get a job than people who don’t pad their resume. This practice may get them a job, but it won’t be one that they’re going to be qualified to hold. The employer won’t know what hit him. By contrast, people who are honest in filling out their resume may neither be qualified nor get the job, but they will at least be giving their prospective employer an accurate description of whom he may be hiring.

Obviously, there are pitfalls in lying, and the benefits of honesty may not be immediately apparent, but the development of character will, I believe, prove to be well worthwhile. And there’s never a sense of guilt. Honesty helps one to respect himself more.