Don't You Tell Me 'Bout Your Peace of Mind: Why Materialism is a Cancer that is Eating Away our Society

In recent decades, people have put ever increasing value on the acquisition of “stuff.” Spending sprees are, nowadays, considered an instrumental part of life. Sometimes, people buy things for the sake of buying them. They may be trying to go out of their way for someone or trying to ease their own ills, such as depression. This epidemic is known as “materialism,” and I believe it is a cancer that is eating away at society. These next paragraphs will explain why I believe this.

Before I get into the new normals of lapping up more and more luxuries that we see every day, I will relate experiences of my own. I have tended to spend decent sums wherever I go. Whether it is at record stores, book stores, or other stores, I find myself buying things to satisfy whatever interest I have. When I was depressed, and even looser with my money, I would buy up things that interested me so that I could fill a void, bring me back to my normal self, or whatever I was trying to do. I bought things that, as time went by, I found I’d not much need for. Some of those things were items I later chose to give away. I was merely trying trying to immerse myself in other things, instead of admitting I was down and needed to get up. This, I believe, is the root of all materialism, which is a root of evil.

The latest fashion fads never cease to amaze me. Here, we have youngsters putting their parents’ money into clothes. These aren’t just any clothes, mind you, they’re “cool clothes.” The kind of clothes that make you look “cool” to other people. Kids today are selling their souls just so they can “look cool” and gain “friends” along the way. It’s all a futile endeavor, really. If one can’t see someone for who he/she is, and instead they have to sell out to you, then that, my friends, is no kind of friendship at all. No respect is earned, and it all shows a certain lack of self respect. Self respect was what used to get people through the day, sweating, slaving, and saving to put food on the table. Materialism, particularly fashion fads, doesn’t gain you any real friends. All it does is show that you’ve got neither character nor respect for yourself. Looking cool is great in the moment, but what will you do when the moment’s gone?

Lifestyles of the rich and famous also bring the cancer of materialism to the fore. Take, for example, everyone’s dream of, when famous and having other peoples money at your disposal, owning an expensive, luxury car. Many famous types own a vast collection of these type cars. For what, really? Are they for show like most of the female Fox News anchors? Are we aspiring to look “cool” while driving down the highway? It’s all pointless, really. Driving is not supposed to be “cool.” The places you’re visiting? Yes. The driving itself? No. Driving is merely what you do to get from one town to the next. It’s all a vain attempt to sell out to society’s standards, and is, again, another indicator of a lack of both character and self respect. And I will never get the point of collecting Porsche’s as if they are little Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Never.

In conclusion, I hope to have clearly and educatedly presented and articulated my view of materialism. Even if you’re not convinced of my point, I still hope I’ve given you something to think about as you go through your day.