Democratic Nomination Odds as of 4/1/12

Barack Obama(65%)-The DNC may be trying to roll him along, but the voters are beginning to smell a rat.

Someone else(25%)-A clear, coherent, reasonant argument for a brokered Democratic Convention has been coming together these past few months. Obama’s constant under-performing has given the masses much pause.

Randall Terry(6%)-His shocking second place finish in OK, resulting in his gaining 7 delegates, has earned him some free press and is putting some wind in those sails. Maybe some come from behind victories in Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming will result in Obama bowing out of the Primaries. Maybe.

Jim Rogers(2%)-He’ll soon be out, as his “Favorite Son” campaign in OK only netted him 3 delegates

Darcy Richardson(1%)-Q: Will his fame for being an internet blogger earn him any real support? A: Not in the very least.

Bob Ely(1%)-Bob who?