Why I'm Supporting Chuck Purgason for Missouri Senate

After long consideration, I have decided to support Chuck Purgason for Missouri Senate. Here are the issues I base my support of Purgason on:
1. Balanced Budget: Purgason knows that the number one plank of the Republican Party platform is a balanced budget. But when the GOP was in charge with the President, House, and Senate, why was it not balanced? Spending increased under their leadership. What we had were politicians who said they were for a balanced budget but voted for budgets that put more debt on our families. He promises to not vote for a budget that is not balanced, offer amendments, and show leadership to bring fiscal sanity back to our nation’s capitol.

2. Earmarks: Purgason also knows that another plank in the Republican platform was no earmarks. How is budget of the United States balanced when 535 members of Congress are allowed to use our governments “credit card”? In our debtor nation, we must stop this runaway and unaccountable spending. Purgason pledges to not vote for any earmarks and work to reform this failed system.

3. Family Lobbyists: Purgason believes that family lobbyists are a conflict of interest. No member of his family is involved in any function of government other than being a working taxpayer who gets stuck paying bills lobbyists and politicians come up with.

4. Stimulus: Purgason believes that the TARP program opened the door for the process of government picking who survives and who dies in our free market system. Instead of protecting taxpayers hard earned dollars and allowing taxpayers to stimulate the economy by spending their money, the politicians put us more and more into debt by increasing government spending and involvement in our lives and free market system. He will vote against any spending measure put before the Senate if elected.

5. Campaign Funds for Bailed-out Companies: Purgason sees that an example of this monstrosity is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. How can you use tax dollars to bail out those companies and then accept campaign contributions from them? He will do what it takes to put an end to this.

6. Out-of-State Fundraisers: After seeing the other candidates hosting fundraisers in places like Chicago, New York, Washington, and a lobster bake on a beach in Florida, Purgason pledges to hold no fundraisers outside the state of Missouri.

7. Term Limits: Purgason has served under term limits his whole career. In order for us to break the corrupt cycle of entrenched politicians, he pledges to serve only two terms as Missouri’s Senator.