Bill Clinton's History of Race Discrimination

Does nobody in the Republican party do opposition research? In 1988 a lawsuit was brought against Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas for race discrimination with regard to the apportionment of legislative districts. And the plaintiffs won. The results of a primary election that resulted in the nomination of two white candidates was set aside because a large number of black voters had been included in a district with a larger number of white voters and then the two representatives for the two districts were elected “at large”. Sound peculiar to you ? Sounds peculiar to me. Why do you have two representatives elected from one district? Why not two districts? Because if they did that, one of the representatives would be black. At least that’s what the district court concluded. The plaintiffs were eventually awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to be paid by the State of Arkansas.

This was a long time ago, the Clintons will say. Sure it was. Back in those days it was fashionable to discriminate against black people so the Clintons did it. They are no one’s friend, least of all a friend of blacks. When it is convenient, sure they like black people and Mrs. Clinton will even do a bad imitation of what she thinks a “black” accent is (real, a southern accent). But, like the mean girls, they are only friends when it comes time to vote. Now that all those black people have the vote. Yeah. They like em. When they didn’t. When the good old boys in Arkansas wanted to keep black representatives out of the legislature, Bill was on the side of the good old boys.