Ted Cruz Was Right. Part 2

Critics of Ted Cruz’ expressed support of Donald Trump argue that the reason his change in position looks like mere political expediency is that neither Trump nor Clinton have changed since he first refused to endorse at the Republican convention. And that criticism is true as far as it goes. But with this big caveat: we now know more. Let me explain. A person newly diagnosed with cancer is the exact same person he was the day before the diagnosis was made. He hasn’t changed. He had cancer before the diagnosis, it didn’t happen overnight. But what he knows about his condition has changed radically.

What we know about the effects of a Clinton presidency has changed. Or at least, I see it very differently. The premise of #NeverTrump was that 4 years of Hillary would be 4 years of the same with her battling a Republican congress. No. That will not happen. Republicans in congress are loathe to battle Obama. They will be no more likely to battle Hillary. Less so, in fact. Because a Hillary win will be a signal to everybody on all sides of the political spectrum that progressivism cannot be defeated. It will be an all clear signal to progressives in all branches of government that all their favorite anti-freedom policies have the go ahead. We already see a Democrat on the Federal Elections Commission moving to prevent mainstream conservative publications and news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News from endorsing or supporting candidates based on a tiny percentage of foreign ownership. We will see much worse in the future. The left seeks to remove not just second amendment rights but first amendment rights. The attack on the first amendments as already begun. A Democrat member of the Federal Elections Commission has already introduced a proposal to prohibit the Wall Street Journal and Fox News from endorsing or supporting candidates.

And Hillary has promised more. Hillary has already warned churches that they need to change what they believe About abortion. If she wins, she will not restrict her edicts on what is an officially approved religious belief to abortion. Some will say Hillary has no real beliefs. And that is true, which is why she will give her progressive supporters whatever they want. And what they want is a totalitarian state in which only the right people are allowed to speak or make decisions.

Progressives, in supporting lawsuits designed to financially destroy people who don’t agree with same sex marriage, have already told us that we must shut up and submit. The only thing holding them back is a belief that there will be an uprising if they continue. A Hillary victory will signal to them that there will be no uprising.

And of course, they are attacking second amendment rights as well.

Gavin Newsom, the Lieutenant Governor in California has championed a proposition which would make it extremely difficult to buy ammunition. If Hillary wins, the left will see that fact as a green light for many more such initiatives all designed to eviscerate first and second amendment rights.

Obama has already normalized overreaching unconstitutional executive orders. Hillary will simply govern without congress and congress will, as it has done in the face of Obama’s illegal usurpations, go along with it.

Worst perhaps is the reaction to Muslim terror attacks. Nothing to see here we are told. Nice? Minneapolis, New York, Pulse nightclub? All problems to be solved by removing guns from law abiding citizens and learning to live with terrorist attacks, which, we will be told, are the price of a free society. The leading state sponsors of terrorism have nothing to fear from Hillary Clinton. She will lie and put a harmless Coptic Christian in jail rather than blame radical Islam. Her closest adviser, Huma Abedin is the daughter of the co-founder of the women’s auxiliary to the Muslim. Brotherhood. With Hillary in charge there will be no World War III with radical Islam, merely a peaceful surrender. And anyone who objects will be convicted of a hate crime. Absurd you say? And yet the idea of churches being compelled to let men use the lady’s restroom seemed absurd just two year ago.

Yes, Trump is an orange turd and a terrible person, but Ted Cruz is right. He is all that stands between us and a Hillary presidency and all of the dire consequences that will come from that.