Cruz is Doing the Right Thing in Supporting Trump

I’m going to start with the change in my own position. I have been #NeverTrump#never Hillary. And most likely will still vote for Gary Johnson because I live in California and, dude, Hillary owns it here. But if I lived in a swing state, I would vote for Trump. What changed my mind is the escalation in radical Islamic bombings, shootings, and mayhem around the world and here in the United States. I think we can withstand 4 years of most Democrat domestic policies, but the importation of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants who are un-vetted and will most certainly include some hell bent on terror? No. I am sure I am not willing to tolerate the damage they will do. I am not willing to tolerate the dozens or hundreds or thousands of lives that will be lost.

The response of the entire Democrat establishment to the New York and New Jersey bombings made it beyond clear that the Democrat establishment will interpret a vote for Hillary as a seal of approval of their policy of catch and release with would be terrorists, of virtually protecting the accomplices of terrorists (at last count nobody knows where accessory before the fact Mrs. Mateen of the Orlando shootings is) will not only not change but it will be expanded.

The revelation, now, that on at least three occasions, these killers and would be killers were known to the FBI and that the FBI did nothing cements in me the decision that the person at the top has to be changed. Mateen had been reported to the FBI at least three times and the FBI knew about the attempt on Pamela Geller and the Draw Muhammad convention in Garland Texas before it occurred, yet didn’t warn local authorities until three hours before the attack. The latest killer had been reported to the FBI by his own father. This raises serious concerns in me, at least, about the leadership of the FBI. I suspect that the pressure to go easy on the terrorists is coming from the top down. Unfortunately, the only person who is eligible to replace the guy at the top, President Obama, and who won’t continue Obama’s policies, is Donald Trump. I don’t like it. But there it is.

By meeting with the President of Mexico and not acting like a complete jerk, Trump has reassured me that he can be sane when its really needed. And by meeting with General Al Sisi of Egypt and getting Al Sisi’s thumbs up, he has reassured me that he, Trump, is not in thrall to the Muslim Brotherhood as Hillary is. Just a reminder, her BFF Huma Abedin, is totally Muslim Brotherhood connected. Huma’s mother is a co-founder of the Muslim Sisterhood, the women’s auxiliary of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Does this move help Cruz? Maybe not. I don’t think that is what he is thinking about. I think he is thinking that he thought Hillary was bad, but that he didn’t realize how really bad not only she, but her supporters are.

Dennis Prager got it right– the progressive left is a serious danger to this country. If Hillary wins, they will continue to run it. There will be more political criminal prosecutions like the one against Rick Perry and the supporters of Scott Walker. There will be an accelerated effort to deprive people of their first and second amendment rights, not just in Washington, but everywhere they think they can get away with it.

Senator Cruz had to know that he would be disappointing a lot of his supporters and that he would take a hit from them for this. Perhaps I am the only person who thinks it was a matter of conscience for him. It is for me. My