Why is the MSM Making a Big Deal about Gary Johnson and Aleppo?

I turned on talk radio today to find that supposedly Gary Johnson had made a disqualifying statement about Aleppo that demonstrated he was totally unprepared to deal with foreign policy. I was, to be perfectly honest, puzzled. My reaction to the question he was asked “What are you going to do about Aleppo?” was similar to what mine would have been. What do you mean by “Aleppo”? I would have had that reaction because, dude If the word Aleppo has suddenly become the in code for the Syrian civil war, no one told me. And, I read RedState almost every day. I read Right Scoop and Daily Wire and Some of CNN and keep up with Fox to some degree as well. As soon as the questioner clarified that he was talking about the Syrian civil war, Johnson had an appropriate response. Okay, I might disagree with it, but given the complexity of the situation in Syria, my reaction, as a non candidate is that’s a difficult situation and there is no clear winning strategy for the U. S. I sincerely doubt that we want to throw in with Russia, but I don’t think Trump or Clinton have a better answer.

But to me, the more interesting question is why is the mainstream media, aka the Democratic Party’s house propaganda organ, suddenly become so interested in broadcasting Johnson’s supposed incompetence foreign policy? CNN along with the LA Times, The New York Times and the Washington Post have all made this supposed flub a big story. It reminds me of what happened when Dan Quayle misspelled potato. Which is to say, they have suddenly started attacking Johnson with real fervor because they see a need to take him down. Why?

As I read the article from CNN about their latest poll, I detected the answer. Here’s a quote

“Support for Johnson seems to be concentrated among groups where Clinton could stand to benefit from consolidating voters. Although direct comparison between the poll’s two-way, head-to-head matchup and its four-way matchup doesn’t suggest that Johnson is pulling disproportionately from either candidate, his supporters come mostly among groups where a strong third-party bid could harm Clinton’s standing: Younger voters (particularly younger men), whites with college degrees, and independents, notably.”

And, actually, the numbers in other polls DO suggest that Johnson is pulling more from Hillary than from Trump. A recent IBD (Investors Business Daily) poll shows in a head to head matchup without 3rd party candidates Hillary is ahead by 1%, but with them in the race Trump and Clinton are tied.While that doesn’t seem like a big difference months out, this close to election day, it is.

One can speculate as to why, Johnson pulls a few more votes from Clinton than from Trump but it appears that he does. Younger voters, who helped push Obama over the top in a big way, are finding Johnson to be an attractive alternative. And of course, there is the pothead vote, which probably doesn’t care a lot about foreign policy anyway.

So the MSM makes up a new code word for the Syrian Civil war and demands that this threat to their preferred candidate for president be deemed “disqualified” because he doesn’t know their brand new code word for the Syrian conflict. Because, if you listen to the question and answer, he clearly knew what the conflict in Syria was about. It’s sort of like asking, what are you going to do about Chicago? A person might know perfectly well that Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois which is part of the United States of America and not know what the heck you were asking because the question is so vague. Does the questioner mean a high homicide rate? Is the questioner referring to the high unemployment rate? What are you going to do about Aleppo was a very peculiar question which was designed to trip somebody up. Aleppo is a city in Syria. It may or may not be the center of the conflict, but the conflict is far wider than one city and it appears that the questioner was really asking, what are you going to do about the Syrian civil war. Or was he. It was a stupid vague question, if its purpose was to have a dialog. It was a clever question if its purpose was to create a soundbite that could be used to make Johnson look uninformed. And, if that was its purpose, the purpose was accomplished. As noted above, the major MSM outlets all carried the story. The knives are out for Gary Johnson from both major parties because, even though he probably has no chance to win, he has the potential to swing the election one way or the other.