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Many of us with a sense of history feel like the world is reliving the 1930’s. When I was young I wondered how The whole world could ignore Hitler and Mussolini and Imperial Japan. Now I see a mass insanity which confuses, dismays and depresses me, but I think I know. My choice for President, Ted Cruz, greatly admires a number of people, two of whom were Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. And though past events are not repeated, they are instructive when Winstin Churchill first warned of the dangers of Adolf Hitler, he was revised and ridiculed.

Two movies which recount that period,wear made by HBO, starring Albert Finney as Winston Churchill in the first and Brendan Gleeson in the second. If you need some inspiration in these dark times, you might find some nspration here. They are both included in an Anazon Prime membership– the Gathering Storm and Into the Storm. They remind us that standing for what is right is more important than being popular