Cruz is Still My Guy

That Donald Trump would still be attacking Ted Cruz and John Katich makes perfect sense. When you are floundering and losing, it is always comforting to go back and rehash the battles you won. Trump is about to be humiliated in a huge and enormous and very public way and he is just telegraphing how he plans to handle this defeat.

For my part, I’ve been binge watching old TV series and movies instead of listening to talk radio or paying too much attention to the political news.

Best advice to Cruz from the culture, “things never happen the same way twice, little one”. Aslan to Queen Lucy in Prince Caspian. Cruz gave a Reaganesque speech at the convention, not attacking Donald Trump in any way, but was booed and verbally attacked afterward. Lesson: Donald Trump is not Gerald Ford and this is no longer the same Republican Party.

Best advice to Cruz followers from the culture: If you have watched Boardwalk Empire, the TV series about the rise of Atlantic City, you know that Nucky Thompson, the lead character, casino pro[rieter and bootlegger, is based on a real person. It reminds you that corruption is not new in politics or the Republican party. If you think of Mitch Mc Connell as Nucky Thompson, only without any of Nucky’s more endearing character traits, then you can understand why the establishment Republicans hat Cruz so much. He is that dreaded character, the reformer. His success threatens of billions of dollars in revenue from the whole corrupt system to the people who run that system, both Democrats and Republicans. Cruz doesn’t want a piece of the porkulous pie, he wants to do away with the porkulous pie. And for that, he cannot be forgiven. So the Republican Establishment would, in fact, prefer for the Democrats to win than for Cruz to win, because with the Democrats in charge they will still get a piece of the pie, just a smaller piece. And they will wait for their return to power. What they cannot abide is someone who wants to end all the subsidies and regulations and grants that every sizable business has to contribute to to survive in this country. Since the purpose of supporting the Trump candidacy was to make sure on of theirs was at the helm, it makes perfect sense that they want to get rid of Cruz and his followers permanently. And the press, ever willing to do the work of the establishment, accommodates them with stories about the demise of Ted Cruz’s career. Heck, Cruz is lucky to be alive in an era when political bosses don’t hire hit men. Do they? I can see Mitch Mc Connell now at the Republican convention saying, “That imbecile is going to be your next president” (quoting Nucky Thompson speaking of Warren G. Harding)..

And on a related note: Cruz isn’t worried about his 2018 campaign. He started it early for this reason: He has approximately 320,000 people who are sufficiently committed to his campaign that they have a Cruz app on their mobile phones which they used to keep up with the campaign. Shortly after withdrawing from the presidential race, Cruz asked all of us NOT to remove the app. And it is still being used to communicate. Cruz started his 2018 Senate campaign shortly after he withdrew and long before any of the convention events. Those of us who work with volunteer can surmise why. He wants to keep us together. In order to do that he needs to give us a focus and something to do. The handiest something to do is his 2018 senatorial campaign. It is really very simple. We are keeping our powder dry and waiting and watching this disaster of a presidential race, remembering that things really don’t happen the same way twice and putting our faith in God to save us and our country.

As for the future, no one knows, but Trump is imploding in a way that leaves little doubt that his problems are of entirely his own making.