Read Title IX for Yourself

Title IX requires inclusions of persons of both sexes in educational institutions receiving federal funds. But, it has a long list of exemptions. One of those exemptions is the provision of separate living facilities for the different sexes. Schools are explicitly allowed to have separate living facilities for women and men.

It also exempts Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, mother-daughter and father-son activities and a host of other traditional sex separated activities. I find nothing in it that requires all sex bathrooms. Aren’t bathrooms living facilities? Aren’t locker rooms living facilities?

Further, how does the president have authority to just issue an executive order with no time to comment or object? And what about the congressional oversight provided in the law? This is absurd.

I used to say, only half seriously, that the left considers Orwell’s dystopian novels to be guidebooks not warnings. Now I am completely serious. War is Peace. Love is Hate. Separate facilities are now mandatorily sex integrated facilities.

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