Trump: Never Apologize

Those of us who have had the sad experience of dealing with narcissistic bullies recognize Trump’s abusive bully tactics. His latest one is to have all of his minions attack the #NeverTrump conservatives while simultaneously making his personal disdain for us known by saying that there are certain endorsements he doesn’t want and support from certain people that he doesn’t want. Would that the people he was referring to was the KKK, but no, I think its conservatives. I say this because his campaign actually named a White Supremacist as a delegate to the Republican convention.

So what is really going on here? There are some who will think my answer smacks of paranoia, but, in truth, it smacks of experience with narcissists and control freaks.

A little history. When Mitch Mc Connell was challenged by Matt Bevin in a primary contest, who contributed $50,00 to a super pac that supported Mc Connell? Bingo.Donald Trump. And one of Mc Connell’s goals is and was to crush the conservative movement.

That doesn’t actually mean crush us as individuals, but to dispirit and demoralize us to the point that we will never ever oppose anything he wants again. He wants to turn us into his willing minions, but to do that he must crush our spirit. He must make us think that we are lucky to even be allowed to participate in the Republican party, a privilege that we will earn by doing what he says and keeping our mouths shut. And what do we get in return for that submission? The chance to sit somewhere near the seat of power and the occasional pat on the head.

This is pretty much how narcissists operate in their personal relationships. This is why narcissists are so unsuccessful in maintaining long term relationships, because people with even a modicum of mental health walk away.

But this is politics. Donald Trump’s narcissistic behavior serves Mitch Mc Connell’s purposes. Donald Trump will never apologize to us or to our candidates because that action would acknowledge that we have some power in this relationship. And what Donald Trump is very good at is getting his way by making other people feel that they are powerless. Since he can’t acknowledge our power, he has his minions try to goad us into supporting him with mostly threats and shaming. Nowhere in any of the online stuff or statements is any acknowledgement that conservatives are entitled to a voice or a place in the Republican party. In fact Mike Huckabee told us to submit or get out.

This is a tried and true abusive narcissist tactic. Its the equivalent of “nobody likes you. You are ugly and fat and you are lucky I’m even willing to let you be around me. Without me you will not even survive (i.e . Hillary will win and destroy you). ”

Don’t fall for it. Those Trumpers need us. They need, at a minimum, to learn to say please and Thank You if we are ever to have any influence in what remains of the Republican party. And, like everybody in a relationship with a narcissist, we need to think seriously about whether we even want to be in this relationship

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