My George Soros Nightmare

My George Soros Nightmare

It was one of those nights. Friends came over. We drank a few beers, smoked way too many cigarettes and stayed up into the early morning talking politics and music and whatever happened to Ozzy Osbourne. I crawled into bed contented but wiped out. II fell into a deep sleep immediately like a two year old run out of energy.

And then the dream. It started with a tiny old man, sunk deep into a cpapciaous leather chair, looking out a huge plate glass window, bordered by lush dark velvet curtains.The City of New York twinkled below like a huge playset. A young man comes in with a plate and a message on out. The old man reads the message, looks up at its bearer and says, “Yes Tell him I said “yes”. After the message bearer leaves a small chihuahua emerges from a corner of the chair and crawls onto the old man’s lap. He strokes its eager head without looking at it. “leo”, he says, “the way you make sure to win the contest, is to own both teams”.

The scene shifts. Months later, the old man is eating a modest breakfast, grapefruit, sausage, coffee. He is in a well lighted and airy room surrounded by potted trees. There are lovely pastel watercolors on the walls picturing sail boats and spring visions. The television is on while the old man reads his newspaper. Something on the television grabs his attention He rings a bell next to his breakfast plate. The messenger we saw in the last scene appears rapidly. “Yes, Mr. Soros?”

“ We’re down in the polls, Edgar,”, Soros says. Call Justin and tell him we need some demonstrations. A little violence, not too much. And make it racial.”

“Will do” Edgar responds.

“And Edgar,”

“yes, Mr. Soros?”

“Tell him to keep it up, the weekend before each primary. And Edgar, tell Roger to call me. We need to talk”

The nightmare is taken over by talking heads and demonstrators and John Katich claiming he has a way to win and I can’t get in a word edgewise. Its like one of those dreams where you keep running and running and get nowhere. And then I woke up and Donald Trump was the Republican presumptive nominee.