Paul Ryan:Reality Check: UPDATE

Like many Cruz supporters, I was sort of surprised in a good way when Paul Ryan declined to endorse Donald Trump. Wow, I thought, some spine. Then my daughter, (who is the recipient of a lot of my political later) asked me what state he was from. Click. The light went on. I did a little research.

I knew Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin,and I knew that Cruz won Wisconsin handily, but I decided to dig a little further. Ryan, like every other Congressman, is running for re-election. The fate of his predecessor serves as a very fresh reminder that even the Speaker of the House must not lose sight of what the voters in his own congressional district want. Ryan represents Congressional District 1. Here you can check the election results for CD ! in the Presidential Primary (scroll down to pages 33 and 34). Cruz beat Trump in Ryan’s congressional district by more than 30,000 votes. Ouch. Add to that: Charlie Sykes, a very popular radio host in Wisconsin is #NeverTrump and Trumps attacks on Scott Walker, a politician hundreds of thousands of conservatives across the United States supported and contributed to in three elections, a veritable conservative hero, and Ryan’s move looks more like just wanting to get re-elected. And I applaud him for that.

I imagine the meeting with Trump next week will go something like this: Ryan: Please explain to me why you are not a millstone around my neck as I run for re-election. Trump: Because I’m great and I’ll do great things. Immmmm.

It appears now that he may be joined by more congressional representatives who want to be re-elected. Rep. Ilyeana Ross-Lehtenin, a Cuban-American has declined to endorse also. Small wonder. Trump personally attacked both Cuban-American candidates in the race repeatedly, calling them dishonest and a bunch more. In doing so, Trump managed to alienate one of the most dependably Republican voting blocks in Florida, a state essential for a Republican win.Good work Donald.

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