Why Ted Cruz Lost: The Truth

Several months ago, I published a diary in which I noted that the reason the establishments of both parties hate Ted Cruz is that he does, indeed, mean what he says. When he won Iowa despite not bending the knee to King Corn, that is while openly opposing continued ethanol mandates, huge alarm bells went off. The establishments of both parties which have used the government to get rich, saw their livelihoods going down the drain.

I have already read mounds of garbage analysis suggesting that Ted Cruz lost because he was too personally abrasive. Are you kidding me? When you consider that he lost to the guy who looks and acts like a troll doll, this argument is, on the face of it, absurd. He lost, not because he was rude to Mitch Mc Connell, but because he opposed Mitch Mc Connell. On the face of it, Donald Trump won last night. But the underlying reality is that Mitch Mc Connell, and John Boehner and the whole GOP establishment won last night. They hated him precisely because they feared that a) he could beat Hillary Clinton and c) that, having won, he would turn off the money spigots of crony capitalism which the rightly described Washington cartel lives off of. The establishment wanted to defeat Cruz without leaving their fingerprints all over it. No such luck. John Boehner’s nasty outburst is just one of the pieces of evidence.

So, if, when the pundits say Cruz lost because he wouldn’t make nice with the Mitch Mc Connells and John Boehners of the world they mean that he did not come to them on bended knee and promise not to interfere with all their perks like the Ex-Im Bank and ethanol mandates, they are correct. If they mean, as they imply, that Ted Cruz has halitosis or a bad personality, they are lying to cover their tracks.

Ted Cruz is a young man and we can endure 4 years of Hillary Clinton.I am pretty sure we can not endure 4 years of Donald Trump. I will most likely vote libertarian. (If they nominate someone who is not flat out crazy.).