Idiocracy: The Sequel

For those of you who have not see Idiocracy, a film with a cult like status and following, Here is a brief summary of the plot.(Plot spoiler warning: If you want to learn about the movie by seeing it, which I highly recommend, you can rent it through Amazon, iTunes or YouTube). But here is the summary spoilers included. Joe and Rita, as part of an Army experiment, are put into hibernation ostensibly for a year. Unfortunately, the Army loses track of them and they do not wake up until 2505. Due to the fact that smart people stopped having children and stupid people had a lot of children the general IQ has devolved significantly. After a series of adventures it is discovered that Joe, a man of normal IQ in the twentieth century, is now the smartest man in the world. He is brought to the White House by President Camacho to solve the problem of failing crops. Despite his lack of expertise, he is able to solve the problem. It seems that the Brawndo Corporation has had an exclusive franchise for many decades selling Gatorade to the government for watering crops because it has electrolytes.Unbeknownst to the then leaders, the electrolytes, being salts, have been killing the crops rather than feeding them. Joe suggests that the farmers use water on the crops instead of Gatorade. The Brawndo corporation seeing the loss of money from its exclusive franchise gets pretty exercised about that because it loses most of its business. People get laid off and are pretty angry about it. But when it turns out that the solution actually works, Joe becomes a hero. Joe marries Rita, is eventually appointed Vice President, they have three children and things start to improve.

So Here is my plot for a sequel, based on current events. As time goes by,the trash piles are being reduced, people are learning to read, and and intelligent people are no longer called fags. Joe and Rita retire and Joe passes on. His son decides to run for President to carry on the traditions of common sense solutions to the nations problems started by his father. But El Trumptarian, heir to the Brawndo fortune, wants to be president too. Challenging Joe Junior’s simple and proven solutions, El Trumptarian manages to persuade a substantial part of the population that what the country needs to improve their crop yield is a return to using a new and improved Gatorade with even better electrolytes. They engage in a hard fought election campaign in which Joe Jr. tries to explain to the people who read books that the electrolytes killed the crops before and will do it again. The son of Brawndo, who is pretty much into making a lot of money, campaigns by telling his followers that he is going to make America Great again by substituting new and improved Gatorade for watering crops and by calling Joe Jr. a lying fag. Rita, now old frail leaves one dying message: Don’t vote for Trumptarian. The ending of the movie is up to you.