Transgender Bathrooms and the Two Minute Hate

All of the angst and discussion about the reasonableness of adopting a law that mandates that all bathrooms and lockerrooms and changing rooms be unisex, permitting predators and voyeurs easy access to their intended victims, really kind of misses the real point and purpose of the argument. Conservatives and traditionalists who have just been minding their own business and living their own lives get blindsided by yet another assault on their privacy and comfort made in the name of the privacy and alleged comfort of a tiny, tiny minority, and fight back. But in the fight we are really missing the underlying purpose. Those who are familiar with George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, may remember the two minute hates and the hate weeks. They were never really about the object of the hatred and always about controlling the population by focussing their unhappiness and misery toward an external source. They are part of a whole state structure designed to subdue and control the population.

We Republicans play the role of Emmanuel Goldstein, the the Orwell novel. We are the object of the hate. The rhetoric and attacks in the two minute hate are designed to dehumanize and demonize us. And, really, it has very little to do with who we are. They, the leftist elites, need an object for their hate, and we are it.We are blamed for a bad economy and failing foreign relations seven years into a Democrat administration. We are blamed for the failures of Obamacare, though none of us voted for it.

The leftists among us are not, for the most part, those who originate the tactics, they are the already subdued who derive personal gratification from being in the in group, in the knowing group. They have earned their place of favor by repeating whatever lies they are told to repeat by the elites in publishing and politics and entertainment no matter how false or untrue it is. They keep favor with the wealthy elites by verbally and sometimes physically assaulting the dissenters, secure in the knowledge that they will be patted on the backbit those in charge and fed a treat much like a police dog who subdues a criminal. And we, the dissenters, like the criminal, are expected to eventually be subdued, to, like the liberals, learn to mouth the falsehoods we are told to say and applaud our leftist masters for controlling us.

The rewards for attacking the enemy and supporting the elites can be great. Look at, for example, Anita Hill. A woman who, after working for several years at an agency charged with enforcing discrimination laws, testified under oath that she did not know that such laws protected her. (Really? The EEOC has the highest rate of discrimination complaint filing by employees of any federal agency) She has a secure tenured position with no known academic credentials other than trying to halt the confirmation of a conservative Supreme Court Justice.
Look at Paul Ehrlich, he wrote a book (The Population Bomb) predicting that most of the world would be starving by 2000. Didn’t happen. Still writing books and holding a professorship. The left gives out favors, monetary and psychological to those who support its dominion. Look at Ward Churchill, faux Indian and well remunerated professor.

And the rewards offered for helping the progressive elites are powerful inducements to lie. Because of the happenstance that I worked on the same floor as Clarence Thomas when he was chair of the EEOC, I had my own chance for fame and fortune. I received a call from a leftist of my acquaintance. To summarize what was a 40 minute conversation, I was told that if I would say that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed me I could turn the tide of history and save the Supreme Court from ruling that abortion was illegal. And implied in that was a promise of fame, applause and fortune. My only problems was. He never harassed me. Nor did I know anyone whom he had harassed. Dude, the guy was so uptight the most obscene thing I ever heard him say was Damn. I turned down the offer. I’m not good at lying because I’m not comfortable with it. But you can put that down as one of the reasons I’m a Republican. And no, I don’t regret my decision.

Now this whole theory may seem to you at first glance to be incredibly conspiratorial, I know. But, check it out. Apply my reasoning and theory to what keeps happening. The main reason you and I still get to dissent is the left have still not succeeded in subduing everyone. You and I still have some cover and protection from other like minded people. I am not going to argue about this. I am simply going to predict. Once the progressives win the transgender bathroom issue, they will find another outrageous lie to stuff down our throats. It will NEVER stop. Because the left will always need the two minute hates and the hate weeks to keep control of their minions.Because the left will always need to demonize and dehumanize someone in order to keep their hands on the levers of power. Unless and until the majority of people wake up and stand up and refuse to lie there will always be another lie we are asked to swallow.

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