My California Calls for Cruz

Today I have been making California Calls for Cruz. Two that lit up my day. An elderly lady who said she would certainly vote for Senator Cruz and thanked me for volunteering and making phone calls for Senator Cruz. An elderly Hispanic gentleman who answered the phone “Bueno”. I proceeded in my fractured spanish. I generally do this when people speak Spanish to me because, even though my Spanish is less than good, most of them appreciate that I make the effort. When I asked him if he would be voting for Senator Cruz, he replied “Por supuesto” which means OF Course. And, maybe its just the district I was calling, but there were plenty of Hispanic Republicans and all of them were enthusiastic for Cruz. The elderly Hispanic gentleman also thanked me for calling him.

So the message for today is Don’t give up. Never give in. Volunteer for Cruz, Donate to Cruz. Win or lose, you will be glad that you did everything you could to help him win. And while you’re doing it, you can perhaps indulge a little schadenfreude knowing how unhappy you are making all the Trumpbots.

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