Trump's Inner Tyrant

When Donald Trump continually attacks the procedures that the various state Republican parties have made as to how they want to select delegates, he reveals his inner tyrant. He will get his way by lying over and over again. Colorado has been electing its delegates pretty much the same way for 100 years. They like it that way. Trump uses his free on air pulpit to consult and repeatedly lie about what happened in Colorado. He attacks ordinary men and women who were elected delegates simply because they don’t like him. So those good people who volunteer their time and money are attacked DAILY by Trump surrogates as corrupt sell outs based on no evidence at all. This should not come as a surprise. This is the history of Trump’s life. When he wanted an elderly woman’s lot to build a parking lot for a casino, he colluded with City officials to take it by eminent domain so he wouldn’t have to pay a fair price for it. He has had any number of schemes including Trump University where he promises wealth and riches to the gullible, takes their money and gives them a photograph in return. He has not only had 4 companies that filed for bankruptcy, leaving employees, vendors , contractors and customers high and dry, he has had plenty of other failed businesses as well. That’s what he does. Walks all over little people because he is the king. And God Forbid, you should ever dare to call him anything but Mr. Trump. His eminence will have a fit and and fire you. He likes to see you on your knees. He finds that idea very attractive. Really Trumpaholics, why are you voting for your own enslavement? Maybe you want to be a slave to the toupees totalitarian, I don’t.