My Phone Call for Ted Cruz

Starting a couple of weeks ago, I began making phone calls for Ted Cruz using the app that tedcruz.org will send you to. Mostly I’ve called California because I live in California. And, by the way, following the campaign’s direction I use my own smartphone, which is cool because, like a lot of people I have unlimited minutes for calling anywhere in the country. Anyway, I started calling Indiana today, because like a lot of Cruz supporters, I am anxious about Indiana. I have reached two Trump supporters, but more Cruz supporters. And the most recent one, a Seasoned Citizen of the female persuasion said to me that she was going to vote for Senator Cruz and that she had received a lot of phone calls today. She asked me if I were being paid and I told her no, I was making the phone calls because I want Ted Cruz to be President. Perceiving the somewhat anxious tone of my call she said, don’t worry, we’re gonna take care of it. It’s gonna be okay.