Never Give In

It’s hard not to feel dispirited if you are a Cruz supporter. It was hard to not feel dispirited if you were British after Dunkirk. It is hard not to feel dispirited after writing the last sentence when you realize that most millennials would have no idea what you ere talking about with that reference. But Utes the deal: I want to be on the winning side not because I need the psychological assurance of winning but because I want certain principles to prevail. I am on the side of conservative principles whether or not they win.

I am on the side of freedom even when the majority seems to prefer an authoritarian government

What I remember about Reagan is that he lost the nomination the first time he ran.

What I know about the Republican Party is that the establishment would rather have Donald Trump than a conservative. It is a clarifying moment. If Ted Cruz nevertheless manages to pull it off, he will do it without significant support from the right wing establishment. Okay. I will keep contributing and keep supporting until it’s over. And it’s over at 1237