The Libertarian Alternative

There has been considerable discussion in new media about a third party run if Trump is the candidate of the Republican party. What the self appointed pundits fail to acknowledge is that there already is a third party on the ballot in all 50 states– the libertarian party. There are three candidates seeking the nomination of that party. I find any of them preferable to Hillary or Trump. The Trumpets assume that when push comes to shove, we conservatives will have no choice but to vote for Trump given that Hillary is the other candidate. But what if Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico is on the ballot? Or Jim Mc Afee, a software inventor and tycoon? What the Trumpets fail to recognize is that the libertarian alternative may look mighty attractive in the fall if our only other choices are Hillary and Donald. I think we conservatives need to remind them, and the RNC and the establishment Republicans of that fact. Donald and his ardent supporters don’t care because they are, apparently severely math challenged. They don’t want our votes and have as much as said so when Donald said he didn’t want Cruz’s support should he win the nomination.

When Trump first announced I was skeptical, but open. I now hate his guts with a white hot passion. His constant lying and belittling is a massive insult not only to the candidates who were named by him but to me and all the other supporters of those candidates. His constant lying, his narcissism, are dangerous. His retaliation and threats against those who disagree with him make him like Hillary. In fact, I am more and more suspicious that this campaign was initially meant to be a wedge in the Republican party to help Hillary that has now gotten out of control.

Donald’s personal behaviors are so noxious that anybody who has become involved in supporting him has been damaged. Ben Carson looks and sounds like a fool, whenever he goes on television. Ditto Chris Christie. Anyone else would be a fool to get near the man because he beclowns almost anyone who gets close to him.

So, if the Republican party is going to go down in flames, I’ll hop over to another party that already has ballot access. Thank you very much.

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