The ACLU's War on History

The San Gabriel Mission Is one of the oldest buildings in Southern California,, It was founded in 1792 by Franciscan fathers. Depending on your point of view it is part of a history of oppression of native Americans or of pioneering spirit . What it is, without significant question, is part of the history of Los Angeles County. There is really no reasonable dispute that the first significant European presence in Southern California, and Los Angeles County occurred in the building of three Catholic missions, Saan Gabriel, Los Angeles and San Fernando. Some 250 years later, all three are still functioning Roman Catholic Churches with significant parishioners. So Los Angeles County, in a nod to its own history, has a picture of the San Gabriel Mission on the County seal. Some years ago, in a bow to the ACLU and other anti0=religion groups insisted that the cross depicted on that mission be removed as an unconstitutional establishment of religion. A U. S. District judge has agreed with them. She and they are wrong. The idea that acknowledging our own history is somehow an establishment of religion is pure anti0religious nonsense. Our history is what it is. The attemp to remove Christianity from our history is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book, 1984. This ridiculousness highlights the need to elect someone who can rein in these outrageous judges. One of the reasons I am voting for Ted Cruz.I hope the County sticks to their guns and fights back.