California Cruz'n

When the campaign gets to California, one photo op for Cruz should be him eating an In n Out burger. In-n-Out is not only Southern California’s favorite burger chain, it is also a Christian owned family business built on a clear business vision of providing quality product at a reasonable price. The key to its success has been a very short menu, hamburgers, drinks and shakes, offered at a reasonable price. Another part of its success formula is the way it treats its employees. It treats its employees well, always paying them more than other fast food chains. This strategy gives the chain some of the best, friendliest, most efficient employees in the fast food business. In-N-Out doesn’t franchise, allowing it to control quality and service. In-N-Out grinds their own meat, bakes their own buns, peels their own potatoes and delivers a fresh, never frozen product which is a favorite for Californians of every political stripe. And in their own quiet way, they promote the gospel, with a citation on the cups and wrappers of their products.

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