Time to Put up the Cruz Yard Sign


I’ve ordered my Ted Cruz yard sign, Tee shirt, and bumper sticker in honor of the fact tha California ( where I live)is probably going to be important in determining who wins the Repunlican nomination for the first time in more than 10 years.

I’m usually a somewhat private person, but I’m going public for a reason: when the candidate your guy is up against has near universal name recognition and gets about 5 times as much free air time as your candidate, you have to do all you can to get his name out there. When other people see yard signs or bumperstickers for a candidate, some are stimulated to find out more about the candidate, to discuss it with you and to get the idea that your guy can win.

Most people don’t begin to think seriously about the candidates or pa a lot of attention to the issues until a few weeks before the election. If you are a member of Red State, you are not most people. Most people have about the same interest in politics as I have in cars. I like to have a nice one, but am quite satisfied to have a functional one. I really don’t need to know all about the internal combustion engine or how my transmission works. I learn just enough to make sure my car is well maintained and keeps on running. When the very nice sales guy in the repair department at Pep Boys starts to explain complicated mechanical issues to me, my eyes start to glaze over because, really, my main interest is in making sure that my vehicle runs. That’s the attitude most people have about politics. So, if you are a political junky, your job is like that of the mechanic, to get people who aren’t really informed about political issues but who want to make sensible political decisions to pay attention and get sufficient information to make a good political decision. Yard signs and bumper stickers help with that by calling attention to your candidate and showing people that he is a viable candidate. At this point, you have to buy your own, they are no longer available at the Ted Cruz website. THink of the purchase price as yet another political contribution.

Yard signs and other political paraphernalia are available for purchase on several websites including Amazon and Cafe Press

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