Why is Donald Trump Ashamed of His Wife?

So here’s my question, why is republishing a picture that was taken during a photoshoot ON DONALD TRUMP”S jet, when Melania was his girlfriend some kind of low blow or vicious attack? I’m serious. Donald Trump practically sponsored this photoshoot. Clearly he had no moral problems with it at the time It was done on his private jet at a time when he was thinking about a third party presidential run and when Melania was his girlfriend. So, why didn’t he say something like, I am proud of my wife and her beauty. There is nothing wrong with posing for tasteful pictures. That or some sort of statement that shows that he didn’t see anything wrong with what she did. Because, dude, he was part of it.

Instead his spokespeople call the republishing of this picture a vicious attack. I’m not getting it. This isn’t some invasion of privacy or sneaky picture. Assuming that UK GQ magazine has a circulation of at least 10,000, many thousands of people saw these pictures years ago when the magazine was published Dude. Stand up for your wife. You won’t see Ted Cruz getting mad when people accuse his wife of having worked for Goldman-Sachs.

Now if he’s calling it a vicious attack because he understands that some voters, especially Mormon voters might have a different idea about nudity, then how can you continue to claim that he doesn’t care about political correctness or that he is authentic, because if he’s doing this to disavow the woman he married, for political convenience, he is a sniveling coward.