Can an army of Davids Elect Ted Cruz

In his book “An Army of Davids ” Glenn Reynolds talks about how new technology has become a force multiplier for ordinary people willing to gather together and work for a common goal. Online donations are an example. Ted Cruz is raising millions of dollars by just emailing his supporters you click on a button and well you know the rest. The cost of soliciting small donations is greatly reduced over using mail and the speed of raising the funds is many times faster. I am one of those people who is of the opinion that if you don’t want big money to control political outcomes then you have to be willing to make the contribution you can afford, however small.

The online contribution has been around for awhile. But now there are even more developments. The Cruz campaign has created a Cruz 2016 app available, inter Alia,in the iPhone App Store that you can use to volunteer in a number of ways, the most salient of which for next weeks primaried is making phone calls. Again technology to the rescue, calling Arizona or Utah costs no more than calling your neighbor. It offers a whole host of other ways you can help.