It Ain't Over Till It's Over

As a double USC graduate and daughter and granddaughter of USC graduates, I am a USC football fan. It’s almost obligatory. And there are two rivals who have special meaning– UCLA and NOtre Dame. Any season where USC beats those two is a good season to USC fans.

There is one game that lives in my memory and which I used to use in talking to my clients when litigation looked daunting and when it looked like we were going to lose. The USC victory over Notre Dame in 1974. USC was down by multiple touchdowns at the half. The nuns and the priests were elated and some discouraged USC fans were going home. But USC went on to win with Anthony Davis, a guy who was too small to even get an NFL offer later, scoring 6 touchdowns in the second half.

So I say to supporters of Ted Cruz, this is the second half. Don’t give up. Do all you can. We can still win this thing. Greater things have been done. Hang In