The Real Donald Trump on Islam and Free Speech

Not too long ago Donald Trump had the opportunity to stand against radical Islam and in favor of free speech. He didn’t. Instead he attacked the victim of the attack as a trouble maker.

Here’s the background. Pamela Geller is a fearless fighter against Sharia law. Her organization helps those in the United States who want to leave Islam. She highlights things like honor killings and generally tells the truth about radical Islam. She has been vilified by the left as a racist for telling the truth.

One of the issues which Geller took on started about a decade ago. Radical Islamists believe that it is blasphemous to draw a picture of their prophet, Muhammad. Some Danish cartoonists stood up agains Islamist attempts to stifle the press in Europe by having a draw Muhammad contest in Denmark. In reaction to the publication of the Muhammad cartoons,people were attacked and several died. Some cartoonists had to go into hiding. Fast forward to January of last year. Radical Islamists attacked a French publication called Charlie Hebdo and then went on to attack a Jewish delicatessen in Paris, killing thirteen people. Charlie Hebdo is a leftwing publication that attacks all religion, Christianity, Judaism and Islam among them. It published disgusting cartoons regarding all of them. Only the Islamists responded with violence and murder.

Pamela Geller and her organization decided to stand up against this blatant effort to silence the press. She and her organization decided to sponsor a Draw Muhammad contest in Garland. Texas, earlier the site of a Muslim conference. Was it “in your face” yes. Because she and the participants were saying to the radical Islamists who try to silence their critics with violent threats, we will not be silenced. We will not be cowed. We will tell the truth and we will not be afraid. That was the message that she and her supporters were giving to radical Islam, IN THIS COUNTRY.

Two guys who were offended by her conference drove to Garland Texas, well armed and intending to kill as many people as they could. The organizers of the conference, having anticipated that possibility had hired armed security, including an off duty police officer. When the would be killers started shooting, they were killed by that off duty officer.

In the video above you can see Doonald Trump’s reaction to his fellow New Yorker. Rather than siding with Geller, he, essentially called her an attention seeking trouble maker who was defaming Islam.

That’s the real Donald Trump when it comes to Islam and freedom of speech.

Here’s how Ted Cruz responded. Because he supports freedom of speech when it counts